Hey there!

Happiest of Saturday’s!

LB is with his Dad, and I recently started trying to use these weekends to focus on myself. In my constant up and down battle with depression and anxiety, I’ve learned exactly how important self care has become to my routine (and I’ll probably talk about it a lot). I tend to throw myself into life at 120%, which can get very overwhelming, very quickly… therefore leading to a depressive episode or an anxiety attack. LB needs his Mama to be the best she can!

Therefore, I am doing my best to learn to give myself permission to do what I need during these few days, while LB is happy and safe.

One of the things that I’ve wanted to add to my schedule is yoga but I am decidedly not stretchy and was hesitant to just do a flow I picked at random from a YouTube video. I have seen the consequences that improper stretching has bestowed upon my equine clients! I don’t have a big budget for a fancy gym membership or lots of classes, so I sort of pushed it aside.

When a pop-up aerial yoga class showed up on my Facebook events suggestions for this weekend, however, I immediately sent a text to one of my good friends and asked if she wanted to join. She agreed, and I saved us spots!

Aerial yoga is an awesome variation of floor yoga, using a drape to help support the body through the different poses.

Thanks, Em, for the picture!

This pop up class was done at Sangha Studio here in Burlington, and was for donation. Non- members had a suggested donation of $15, which made it really affordable, and I was happy to set some of my self care budget aside this week to make it happen.

The studio was super easy to find, welcoming, and clean. When I walked in, I immediately seemed to relax and was excited to get started!

Our teacher (aka yoga goddess) Nicole was beyond friendly, quickly showed me into the classroom and I took my place.

After introducing ourselves, we started the class with an easy flow, before beginning to use the drape to move our bodies through a few different different poses to warm us up and get us comfortable to do our first real inversion. Nicole demonstrated the flows for us, and then turned us loose to give it a shot. She walked around the room and gently helped guide us into the appropriate positions, always making sure we felt safe while also pushing us to let go and trust the fabric. As a teacher of sorts myself, she was absolutely fantastic.

We finished the class with the most amazing feeling savasana (which I’m convinced is yogi for “nap”) in our drapes. Nicole really emphasized letting our mind go blank and focusing on nothing. For somebody who struggles daily to quiet her mind, this was a great opportunity for me to work on settling myself and truly relaxing.

Bogo demonstrating a proper savasana.

I honestly didn’t want it to end! Not only did I feel physically challenged and pushed out of my comfort zone (helllllo flipping myself upside down), but I also learned that when I relaxed and let it happen, it was probably the best I’ve felt in a long time. Em and I walked out of the studio completely blissed out, motivated, and plotting ways to hang a drape in the barn so we could do all the aerial yoga!

I’m super excited to go back as soon as I can afford it, and will be renegotiating my self care budget to make it as often as possible… as well as try out some of the other classes that they offer!

I’ll check in tomorrow with a super fun planner spread for next week, but for now I’m heading out to enjoy a wedding! I hope that you all have a blissed out rest of your weekend!