What I’m Reading Wednesday – #2!

Hey there!

Welcome to What I’m Reading Wednesday on… Thursday…whoops!

If you saw my wonderfully awkward Instagram live video, you’ll know that this week was kind of a rough one for me.

If you didn’t subject yourself to that… this week was kind of a rough one for me. Keep reading for the painful(ish) deets.

We’ll start with LB since he chose a really adorable book this week called Duck, Duck, Moose by Dave Horowitz.

The story line is short and sweet, and personally I love how it takes place in New England. Being a born and bred New Englander means that it will always hold a special place in my heart, and this book really brings a lot of the things I love about this place to light. The illustrations are fun, and LB loved pointing out all the different things in the pictures. I ordered him this one off of Amazon to add to our permanent collection!

Moving on to the failure of my reading life this week…

I have, in the last week, gone down the wormhole that is “booktube” (Basically, book centered YouTube videos). This has kicked started my deep seated love for the YA genre… while nothing will EVER replace the literary equivalent of sweatpants that is Harry Potter (Hufflepuff in the house, yo!) I have found comfort in several other series. Thus, my stack this week was mostly YA novels. The first book I picked up was Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake. I was super excited about this book, because it had all of the ingredients to make it something that was right up my ally. I was so excited when I settled into my chair with it, waiting to get sucked into the fantasy that I was convinced it would paint for me… turns out not so much. I. Just. Couldn’t. Do it. I got about 40 pages in and had to tap out. Maybe it was just my headspace this week, after having to come home from a wedding early because of a rather unsettling panic attack. I just couldn’t seem to connect with it. So, I put it on my TBR list to try again another day! From there, I moved on to a book that I would never in a million years pick up were or not for the glorious channels that make up this wonderful land of booktube. It’s called The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani.Never in a million years would I have grabbed this book off the shelf, however it is SO much fun! It’s has a really neat spin on fairy tales and how they come to be, and while it’s certainly geared towards a bit younger of a group of readers, I’m having an absolute blast with it. It’s pretty quick and easy, my mom used to call them popcorn novels, but I think that’s what I needed this week! All in all, a little bit of a different #wirw; but I will not admit defeat. I’ll pick up Three Dark Crowns again in a few months and hopefully find that it’s the story I hoped it would be! Do you have any favorite booktube channels? Let me know so I can enable my newest addiction! Peace, Mama