Oh, Wednesday…

Hey there,

I hope that you all are having an awesome hump daaaay.

I read somewhere that there is going to be some sort of lunar weirdness happening on Friday that’s going to set everybody straight, and let me tell y’all; I’m ready. Today somehow seemed to be the day of all days, and it ended sort of abruptly with me sitting on my bedroom floor after Liam went to sleep and letting my dog obsessively lick my face (aka, I had a panic attack).

The humidity today started at about 1,000%, but my phone kept telling me to expect rain… which led me to stroll into the gas station for a coffee dressed like a hobo.


LB then managed to dump his entire container of juice on himself before we even made it to the car. This is not an unusual event…however the resulting tempertantrum that ended with the docile little creature flinging himself face first into a puddle, was.

We made it through the care of the Hinesburg horses okay, and then moved on to Colchester… which decidedly not go as well.

I. Cannot. Get. My. Kid. To Wear. Clothes.


It’s like he was raised in a barn or something. I think that he’s cutting his last two canines, and they’ve proven to be a real beast. He spent the majority of our day yesterday attempting to crawl directly into my skin, and followed the same vein for the day at work as well.

Then, his dad was late picking him up, which resulted in the the push back of an appointment and the missing of the yoga class that I soooo desperately needed (I’m looking at you savasana). I figured I could salvage the day with a stroller-less run and a long hot shower before I had to jet back out and pick LB back up.

I walked in the door to Bubbles heaving up a stomach full of dog food onto the ONE carpeted area in the entire house. (Side note: cats have scary good aim.) I’m still not sure WHY she feels the need to eat the dog food. I’m mostly going to assume it’s a control thing. No worries though, right? Just a shorter run!

Bogus and I set out and within the first five minutes of our warm up, he started going nuts.

Now we run mostly on country roads because I live… in the country. This has proven to be a great practice for the dude in learning to focus on the task at hand, since there are so very many distractions. Cows. Horses. Cars. People. Chickens. That one goose that really motivates us well. He’s learned to place himself at my left knee and we just go.

For him to stop dead and try to get between my legs is super out of character. I will admit I probably had my headphones a bit louder than they needed to be, so I didn’t hear the two giant dogs that were running up behind us from an unknown location.

This is the one part of my day that I’m super pleased about. Bogan and I have been working very hard on the “place” command. He is expected to come to my left knee and lie down and he did exactly that when I shouted it at him. Even though the other two dogs were clearly trying to poke at him, he didn’t engage. This allowed me the time to unsnap his leash, tell him to stay, and wrangle to other two ding dogs back to their owner, who, by this time had showed up in the road.

The goodest of boys.

By the time we got everything sorted out, our run was pretty much pooched (see what I did there) so we turned around and jogged home in time for me to take a 30 second shower and go pick up LB… who was a complete nightmare until I wrestled him into bed an hour and a half past his bedtime.

I then had a complete meltdown (I’m going on day 3 of these teeth and I reallllly needed that yoga class) in which Bogan did his duty as an ESA well and helped to pull me back topside after about 20 minutes.

Now, here we are.

I hope you don’t think that I’m posting about this day to whine, or complain. I’m grateful for my life, however I don’t feel like its fair not to share in the struggles. Life is so much more than the books we read (check out below for my current fave…. or follow me on Goodreads) or the fitness classes we take (or miss) or what we eat for dinner (popcorn, I’m not sorry); I want to bring you ALL of it. Even the messy, not so great bits.

So now, I’m going to curl up in bed with my book, my bestest dog (probably Bubbles) and try to relax enough that sleep won’t come horribly hard tonight. Thankfully, it’s raining and that always helps!




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