Book Review: Stalking Jack the Ripper

Hey there,

So, as I’m sure you can all see, I’ve had a heck of a time attempting to keep up with my WIRW. Guys, I suck at schedules (despite my love of planning). We had a super hectic week with Liam’s birthday and the girls being here and I’m kind of giving up on the idea of posting a read every Wednesday. It’s getting tricky to stick to… so instead, I’ll give you my book reviews as I finish them!

This week, I blew through Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco… it was so awesome, and the ending threw me for a bit of a loop, which I thought was the perfect cherry on top of the sundae that was this book.


I literally had an impossible time tearing myself away from this book once it got rolling. It had all the best elements of a mystery and a love story; PLUS a great spin on a pretty significant historical event. Maniscalco takes some liberties to make the whole thing work with the story line, and she does an AWESOME job juggling both. The writing flowed beautifully and kept the reader engaged all the way up to the end.

The story itself is set in 1800’s London and follows our main character Audrey Rose through the struggles of being a female with a bit of a morbid male interest… namely learning how to perform autopsies with her Uncle. The story of Jack the Ripper is how she ties into the story, and we’re taken on an exciting ride with her and her love interest while they try to figure out the real identity of the Ripper. The end totally blew me away!


(Kick ass bookmark from Plumey Crafts.)

I had to jump right onto Amazon the second I finished this one so I could add her other two books (Hunting Prince Dracula and Escaping from Houdini <- not out until September!) to my wish list for the future!

I seriously loved everything about this book… like… I had not one complaint which, if you know me, is kind of a big deal. I’m an A+ complainer, not gonna lie. I highly recommend this book to everybody and anybody who in looking for something good to escape into for a while. It has the perfect mixture of everything that a good book needs… plus it has “the smell.” I’m big on the smell and not every book has it. My fellow bookworms know exactly what I’m talking about.


Now, on to the next!