Wonderful Weekend

Hey there!

It’s finally starting to feel like fall here in Vermont (even though I decorated the house weeeeeks ago), and we had an awesome weekend of weather to take advantage of!

Saturday morning consisted of some barn time for the better part of the morning. I had to teach three and ended up riding one, plus we welcomed another new project pony to the barn. I’m super excited about this one, since he has some serious potential. I ended up hanging out a little bit longer than I meant to, but barn time is different from normal time anyways.

On the way home, LB and I stopped at Overlook Park in Burlington. I always pass by it and mean to stop, but since I had the rest of the afternoon off and the weather was gorgeous, I totally swung in.

For a little one, there isn’t a whole lot to do at the “park” because there isn’t a play structure and toddlers don’t really care about views, but we had some fun running up and down the hills.


After finishing up at the park and grabbing a quick lunch, we found ourselves at the local firehouse for their open house. Bug is OBSESSED with emergency response vehicles, so he had so much fun climbing around in all of the trucks, seeing the controlled burn, and playing with the fire extinguishers!


After a late nap, we spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up the house and snuggling in bed with LB’s favorite Netflix show, Gon.

Sunday was a bit gloomier, but that didn’t stop us from going apple picking after nap time! We went to Allenholm Farms in South Hero and had a blast! We brought Emma along for some socialization, even though she wasn’t allowed in the actual orchard. Bug had a blast playing in the big culvert that they had, and swinging on the swings. By the time we left he was absolutely exhausted, but pretty much an apple picking pro.

10/10 would recommend going there for a great time. They allow dogs in the “petting zoo” area, but not in the actual orchard, so plan accordingly if you want to bring a friend. Luckily, it was cool enough today that we were able to leave Em in the truck while we went and got our apples.

The best part of all of our hard work at the orchard was that we were able to make apple crisp when we got home! Hands down my favorite thing to bake in the fall is apple crisp. I followed this recipe from The Humming Homebody and it came out amazing. Randy even broke his diet to head back to the kitchen for a second piece! We have plenty of apples from our adventure, so I’ll be making another batch soon.

Bug was sound asleep by 6, so I’m hoping to be able to spend the rest of the night relaxing to gear up for the super busy week ahead at work! We’re hosting the second half of the VHJA Finals this upcoming weekend, so it’s going to be a little nuts. I haven’t read anything in the last few weeks that hasn’t been a course diagram or the back of a feed bag, so I’m jumping into a new book tonight. Maybe I’ll be able to get more than two pages into it before I fall sound asleep in my tea.