Snow Day!

Hey there,

It’s totally no surprise that it snows in Vermont, but I think that no matter how old I get I will always be excited for the first real snow of the season. I happened to wake up to it today, and couldn’t get my clothes on fast enough to get to the barn.

The first gallop through fresh snow is kiiiiiind of what I live for in the winter. The horses love it too, so everybody is a bit frisky. Luckily snow also makes for a soft landing. 😉

I hopped on Eli bareback and took him for a spin around the outdoor, and I’m not sure who enjoyed it more! I’ve been working a TON lately so this was a great way to give myself a mental break and just have fun with the big guy. That balance is SO important.

Our barn has also started hosting twice monthly Wine n’ Ride type of events and it’s been a super fun way to socialize with other adults and unwind.

The local corner market even started stocking some fun wines in horsey themes for us!

The community surrounding this farm is absolutely amazing, and I’ve really been enjoying getting to know everybody. It’s so tight knit. The type I only thought existed in novels. My lunch trips to the local deli to catch up on the gossip, and realizing I’m starting to know who is who on the road has really been awesome. People even ask after Bug when he’s not with me!

It’s so comforting to know that on my drive in today, even though it was sketchy, I had a list of people I could call if I got into trouble. It makes me excited to move even closer in the next few years, and really blend with these wonderful people! I’m excited for Bug to grow up as part of the community and let this be his life as well. The stability is a blessing, and something I didn’t realize was missing when I was growing up.

I hope to enjoy many, many, many more snow days in Charlotte. I think having the local gossip to catch up on will make the winter go by much quicker than it usually does, that’s for sure.