Weird Bumps

My Jake is the king of weird bumps, lumps, and various other strange happenings. I mostly blame it on the fact that he was an auction horse and therefore we don’t have the clearest history on him.

Since Ash and I had the VHJA board meeting this past Saturday, I was super grateful when one of our talented juniors flatted him for me, and then Sunday I took as a family day… which means Monday I walked into the barn to Jake’s left front knee-ish swollen to approximately the size of a tree trunk. Typical.

Nothing crazy was reported to have happened over the weekend, and the swelling was right below his knee which sent me directly into a panic about a tendon issue.

I jogged him and he was sound, so he got the day off, ice boots, bute, and standing wraps.

Things seemed to be unswelling by Tuesday, so we did some hand meandering (walking implies we went somewhere with a purpose… we did not) and back to wraps for the night.

By Wednesday, he was cold and totally tight again, so I hopped on him for a school during which time he completely lost his marbles and got to spend some quality time on the lunge line getting the wiggles out.

Nothing good comes of this look… nothing.

I hopped back on a moderately more sane creature and schooled him until we got some quiet stretchy trot and called it good. That is literally the hardest thing ever for him, since he was worked incorrectly in draw reins for a bit before I got my grubby little paws on him. His default is to curl his nose to his chest… and then he’s got me had if he decides he’s a strong, independent gelding who don’t need no stinkin’ Mama.

Long and low and stretchy… it’s a mind blowing concept to this guy, especially after two whole days off because of mysterious disappearing leg bumps.

All seems well with the leg now… he hasn’t taken a lame step on it the entire time so the good Lord only knows what the heck is going on. We hit him with the Magnawave today, just in case.

Maybe he was just too jealous of his little brother getting all the attention, and needed his fair share as well. He IS used to it being all about him. As the oldest of three, I can relate.

Here’s hoping it behaves!