Equine, Fitness, RRP ‘19

Weekend Wrap Up

Living in the North during the winter can be a real PITA when you’re trying to keep a horse in any kind of serious program. I’ve always had a hard and fast rule that anything under 15* is nothing more than light hack weather.

Wednesday and Thursday ended up being pretty frigid, so everybody got handwalked… minus a few that got lightly lunged.

Friday brought some better weather but I was so busy trying to catch up with client horses, farm horses, and lessons that I didn’t get through my normal stuff until after 6. Luckily one of the girls was there late, and agreed to lunge Eli and hack Jake so I could trade my trainer hat for my mom hat.

I’m so grateful for my village!

Finally, on Saturday, I got some quality barn time. After teaching a few lessons, I set my sights on Eli. We worked on more of the same… forward the first time I ask and moving away from the pressure of my leg.

It was so hard (according to Eli), but we had moments of good boi things where he started to relax.

We also had several moments of sass, since it doesn’t seem fair to share JUST the good moments… please enjoy my favorite from Saturday’s ride.

Baby say…. NO.

Sunday was spent catching up on adulting, but luckily I think that the forecast for this week looks fairly promising… so here’s hoping that we can get a bunch of good rides in before the holiday!

Retired Racehorse Program applications opened yesterday, and I’m super excited to submit ours this week! I feel like having the entry in and (hopefully) accepted will be our first concrete goal to have… and keep me motivated!

As for my workouts this week? They went something like this:

Monday: Arms/Abs

Tuesday: Abs/Cardio/Yoga

Wednesday: Chest/Triceps

Thursday: Yoga

Friday: Legs/Abs

Saturday: Rock Climbing ( <- Fav non-gym workout!)

Sunday: Yoga

Even if I don’t make it to the gym, I’ve been trying to do SOMETHING every day… even if it’s just a 20 minute yoga flow for me and a 20 minute hand walk for Eli. We gotta keep movin’.