Forced Vacation

The facility that I work at has had a soft spot in the arena for a few days, so the barn owner decided to have an excavation company come to take a peek and see what what was going on.

It’s ended up being that we now get a new base and footing for Christmas; the horses get a week off!

While it’s not super ideal, I’m stoaked about the end game. Our arena is gonna be bomb when we’re done and in the grand scheme of things a week is NBD.

It’s also been unseasonably warm (I had naked horses turned out today…) so they’ve been enjoying extra free time.

We’re hoping that we’ll have the arena done by Sunday and everybody can be back in the game next week…hopefully sans dramatics buuut since the majority of my creatures are baby Thoroughbreds and two devilishly adorable ponies that’s probably a pipe dream.

The other great thing is that my boys have been going out in the paddock next to the commotion of big trucks, so yay for extra desensitization. Neither seem to really give a hiccup.


I took advantage of our downtime to schedule a visit from our favorite vet to float Eli’s teeth and pull a Coggins. Turns out his teeth were pretty sketchy…while the overall conformation of his mouth was pretty good, the teeth were super sharp. She’ll be back for Jake later in January, since my wallet is officially smoking and we had his teeth done in the spring.

I also switched Eli’s three piece KK to a Waterford. We’ve had repeatedly good success with them on our other creatures, so I decided to give it a shot. I did end up buying the bit .5″ too big, but luckily Jake has a huge mouth (even though he’s a full hand and change shorter) so I’m going to recycle it to him and Eli got his own.

We’re adding a running martingale to his set up and I’m hoping the changes will set us up for success moving forward. E officially his own gear and hook in the tack room now, so I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious. Our RRP ’19 application is in, and I have a standing weekly lesson set with my trainer…

Here goes nothin’.