Christmas, Puddles, and Dirt

Guess what!! The arena is officially done! Which means it’s the end of our mid winter vacation. It was probably the best Christmas present ever, and well worth the wait. It’s so beautiful and flat.


  • We’ve had a pretty uneventful week off which is fine since much cold, so Christmas.
  • We did have a warm day on Saturday, so I took the dude for a stroll out in the hay field to see if I could blow his mind with the far away adventure. We jumped in some puddles, lost a bell boot, and found out that my boots weren’t as water proof as I thought. I was super pleased that Eli managed to contain himself, and didn’t give me a single issue about sloshing through… whatever.
  • The lengths to which this creature can extend his neck directly upwards are comical. He’s like a furry periscope. It just keeps going up and up and up. I’m hoping he’ll use his powers for good, not evil, in the coming days.
  • He’s managed to handle the time off pretty well, until yesterday when I had the pleasure of flying him like a kite to his pasture. When he wants to, the guy can really get up there. It’s the neck, I think. Buttttt he has excuses, since the temps plummeted, he was out of work, and there were big piles of dirt everywhere.
  • It’s funny to see how he’s now at the point in his let down where he just feels GOOD. I’ve really invested my money in the places I feel like it 100% counts for these guys, as far as body work (here’s looking at you, PEMF), his gut, and his feet. We’re in a routine. We get outside. We love peppermints. He’s gone from being a wild eyed terror who bites stuff, to a quirky toddler who just wants to play (but also still sometimes bites stuff, but it’s mostly an accident now).
  • I’m still so excited about his prospects for 2019! He keeps getting better and better, and was way more than I could have asked for… and we’re not even three months in!
  • I spent most of Christmas Day snoogling with him, since I did chores that day, and so now I have feelings of excitement that you all have to listen too.
  • It could also be the gorgeous new (GREY… can’t shove me in the hunter ring now!) show coat that I got, that has me pumped up. Is there anything better to motivate you than new clothes and new arena footing?

    I think not.

    2019, we’re coming for you!