Introducing: Fat Pete

If you follow me on IG or FB you may have noticed a new face…in the form of a rotund bay QH named Fat Pete.

Fat Pete came about a few weeks ago, in the form of a FB message from one of my clients.

My husband found these two free horses and what do you think?”

Attached to the ad was a flyer indicating that the owner had moved and was looking for a new home for her two older horses. They had been family horses for a long time, and had just been sitting in the backyard for the last four years.

I agreed to set up an appointment to go see them, after chatting with their owner, thinking one would make a good lead line horse for this clients daughter. The other would just come along for the ride as they were a bonded pair.

Unfortunately the morning that we were set to go see them, there was much chaos at the farm, which resulted in me getting a solid knock to the head and spending most of my day in the hospital.

(More on that, and minding my melon in a different post…)

Grounded for two whole weeks because of a concussion.

Ashley picked them up later that afternoon and I immediately got a text message that read, “Dude, these horses are so chill. They are exactly what we need.

Our client passed on them, so Ashley and I quickly became the proud owners of Fat Pete, and Joe (the draft cross).

The two are 17 and 18 years old and probably the best trail horses I’ve seen. We tossed the kiddos on them and they happily trucked all four of us around the hay field.

While Fatty needs a little bit of a refresher in what it means to have manners on the ground (stop screaming, dude), he’s great in every other aspect!

As a full time trainer with a barn full of young horses, I’ve sort of forgotten what it’s like to be able to hop on a fat QH and just plunk. I’m somebody who absolutely lives and breathes this industry, but relaxing on my horses isn’t much of a thing. Fat Pete IS exactly what I needed in terms of “fun” and introducing Liam to riding in a safe manner.

I think you’ll be seeing a lot more of Fat Pete around… as he seems to be able to restore a little bit of that ever elusive work/life balance for me, gives Liam a safe horse to learn on, AND makes BG happy that we’ve finally added a Quarter Horse to our ever expanding herd of Thoroughbreds.

Plus, he lets me braid his mane sooo….

I do want to add that we got lucky with these two… I don’t really encourage people to just blindly grab two free horses and hope for the best. Ashley and I are professionals with the means and knowledge to figure out any health or training quirks that might have come up and would have reacted to that appropriately.