Happy July!

Eli and I had picked up a great head of steam after we got home from Fieldstone. We were committed to our schedule and he was working wonderfully… I had a ton of motivation and was super excited for how well he’s been going.

Our plan had originally been to go to summer GMHA, but have since readjusted and decided to two the last two weeks at Vermont Summer Festival instead.

Then yesterday this face came in from turnout with a really nasty puncture to the outside of his left fetlock. Ashley and I debated on calling the vet out to stitch it, but that area flexes so much that it would probably be a waste of a couple hundred dollars. He got to spend some time in the ice boots and then was wrapped. He’s pretty sore on it, understandably (dude is also not stoic AT ALL).

Luckily it looks pretty good this morning. When I spoke to the vet this morning, he agreed with everything we were doing and upon seeing pictures added in two weeks of stall rest/handwalking/cold hosing/ice boots/wraps.

We’ll see where that leaves us, but here’s hoping he picks up close to where he left off. I’ll be chomping at the bit over not having a project, but Brad and I HAVE been sort of but not really shopping around… we just can’t decide if we’re going the OTTB route for me, or rolling with a QH for him. Might be a good excuse to find something sooner rather than later… (and since I know you read this… hi honey, we both know we’re going to end up with the OTTB…)

I mean, there’s always Fat Pete too…

You can teach an old (fat) dog new tricks, right?