Making Moves

We reached the end of what was (hopefully) Eli’s two weeks of living like a semi-feral creature who was expected to do nothing but eat and stand quietly for the Magnawave Lady. He mostly managed to achieve this goal… after a go ’round with Steph over the fact that no, he actually cannot double barrel the wall while he’s being treated.

Most people would assume this means that he has pain in that region, however there was no actual region being treated and he really enjoys the sound of his feet hitting the wood.

I pulled him out for a lunge on Tuesday, super excited to get back crackin’ only to have it end in hysterics (mine) when he went wild and somehow tweaked something in his stifle, rendering him three legged lame.

After cold hosing, Bute, stall rest and prayers to the gods of Thoroughbred shenanigans I pulled him out Friday and he was sound.

I’ll never understand.

He had a half day of turnout on Friday and a full day on Saturday because I’m not an idiot. When I pulled him in to tack up and have a spin on the lunge line he was foot perfect. Not even a single shenanigan on the lunge line.

I happily hopped on and was THRILLED with what I had. Granted, I didn’t ask him for anything of consequence, but he walked and trotted around like an old hat. All business.

What was even better was that he felt absolutely amazing through his body. He was lifting his back and was straight as an arrow, but willing to bend and stretch. I didn’t get any of his usual pushback about moving off my leg, or any of his usual bucking/bolting/rearing nonsense.

I’ll take it!