What’s New?

Holy crap, it’s been a day or two since my last post!

In all honesty, when Eli got hurt I lost a ton of motivation to keep this thing going… and lets be real, I wasn’t realllly the best at keeping up with it anyways. Eli was out for 7 weeks total, so I just let the WordPress subscription run out; we’re back up an running now, though!

Stall rest did not do good things for Eli. His attitude and behavior went straight down the hole, and he’s turned into an (even bigger) jerk. Since we’ve been back in work he’s decided he doesn’t want to move. At. All. After several really awful attempts, I broke down and hired the local cowboy, Billy Smith, to come out and work with him. He showed me a ton of ground work and narrowed in on an issue with his teeth/TMJ. We’re back to baby steps… but at least we’re back. I have a much better understanding of the ground work he needs to be doing, and while I AM riding, we’re focused on that right now.

In other news, we’ve added another kid to the string. A 4 year old chestnut TB mare named Absolutely or “Abby.” She’s currently away in training with W Show Stables, and I’m excited to see where she goes. She has a pretty unique back story that I’ll get into in another post.

I’m excited to get her back home, but also pretty happy to only have one project at a time. We got Abby completely unstarted and while I have been on her once, it was pretty clear that she needed a bit of a quieter setting than the 50 horse show barn that the Eq Center has blossomed into.

While it kind of (really) sucked to have Eli out of work and Abby not started, it was a great opportunity to wind down a little bit and spend lots of time with my boys. We’ve started working on plans to build the house addition (yikes!), and take a breather from the whirlwind what was show season and the huge influx of boarders that we got before winter started. Life has settled into a comfortable routine (well… as settled and routine as a barn manager’s life can be).

Liam is turning into quite the little fish!

I’m happy to be back, and excited to be writing about all of our adventures! It’s sure to be a super fun 2020 with two great horses, an amazing support system, and a lots of great content for you!