Progress, Not Perfection

Despite a few hiccups (eye post to come later) the Dude and I have been making what feels like some slow, but steady progress.

We’ve started asking him for more and to work harder on things that are harder in my lessons, and I’ve been diligent in doing my homework in between and keeping him in a fairly strict program.

The pinwheel in the Pessoa system.

I’ve been getting much better about getting on and doing what needs to be done to get things rolling, despite still being pretty nervous in some situations (I’m looking at you, snow coming off the roof) and we’re getting it done.

Eli has SUCH a pony personality 99% of the time, and while he’s not mean or nasty, he really likes to wonder why he should ACTUALLY do the thing. He generally gives in pretty quickly, but things can get a little chaotic in the progress. I need to give up the idea of being a passenger and learn how to just kick on; regardless of what kind of shenanigans are happening underneath me.

Like a pony, he’s also very adorable

I’ve also pinpointed the point in which my brain explodes, and it’s when he gets big and snorty. For now, I’m doing the best I can to NOT put myself in those situations (unless I’m in a lesson), which happen mostly when the arena is busy. I feel like it’s super important while I continue to build more confidence in him and myself. I’ve had a really tactful barn teenager ride him in situations where he might get “big” so he can work through his stuff without my emotions getting in the way. While it sounds stupid, it’s honest and it’s my reality.

On the red horse side of things, we’ve been playing a TON on the ground. It was pretty clear to me after she was home for a few days, that homegirl likes to have a job… so the last few weeks have been all about introducing her to new things, concepts, and situations. I’ve been lunging her over all kinds of different poles, raised poles, and caveletti combinations in all sorts of different rigs. Not only so that she can learn to use her body and build muscle, but so she’s exposed to all kinds of different things and learns that no matter what there’s a job to do.

It’s almost impossible to take a non-blurry picture. The creature never. stops. moving.

She’s risen to ever occasion beautifully, and continues to show some awesome athleticism. At only 15h, she’s catty as all get out, and I’m chomping at the bit (har har) to swing a leg over and see what we’ve got. I originally intended for her to be a sales project, but she’s proven to already have a considerably better brain than her “big brother” so it’s making the idea of selling her harder and harder to think about.

I mean, who REALLLLLY wants to buy a 15h, chestnut, TB mare anyways… right?

Love them

Both kids have been making so much progress, I’m walking in the door exhausted but with a huge smile on my face every night. Spring is just around the corner, and I’m excited to see what the warmer months hold for my awesome crew!