Spring, Is That You?

We had some amazeballs weather yesterday, like… over 60*… and it felt so very good! We were able to get a ton of stuff done around the barn, and started the ball rolling on some bigger projects we’ve been planning all winter. While turnout is super limited because of the mud, it was still great to have a barn full of naked ponies for the first time all year!

Both my kids got their first bathes of the year, since Abby got quite sweaty during her groundwork session and Eli thoroughly enjoy the mud in turnout like the piglet that he is (you can check out his handiwork on IG @thelazyottb). They each handled it in their own ways, per usual.

Abby marched right in the wash stall (for the first time ever in her life) and stood quietly while she got scrubbed on. I think she’s going to enjoy life as a show horse… the girl loves a good pampering session! We’re going to have to get the girl a tailbag though, as she can’t seem to figure out how to move her tail when she pees.

Eli, on the other hand, threw and epic tantrum which resulted in us flying backwards into the arena not once, but twice. He’s only been in the wash rack about 452 times in the last year and a half. Once we got in, he was his usual fussbudget self, but gave it up after a few growls and let me scrub him up.


After he dried off, we took a quick spin around the arena and then took a stroll up to the hay field where he was just as happy as I was to get out of the indoor and enjoy some fresh air. The ground was soup, so we just walked up and down the paved path to the outdoor a few times, but it was just what the doctor ordered! He was excellent!

While I’m sure we have a bit of winter still to come before the warm weather sticks around for good, it was super motivating to get a little bit of a teaser and I’m super grateful everybody played nicely so it could be enjoyed!