Hey friends,

I hope that you’re all continuing to do well with the current state of the world. Things seem to just keep getting harder and more complex. I know my social media feed is probably the most depressing that it’s ever been. It’s making me more grateful than ever for our country lifestyle, where my family is safe and secure in our little house in the woods.

Literally our backyard

I hope that you all continue to be gentle with yourselves and show grace to those around you.

These past weeks since my last blog post, so much has changed. I made a huge change at work, and took an opportunity to start working for a different hunter trainer. We have 10 really nice show horses, and while we’re running the entire day, it’s a really great learning environment and I get the chance to work with (and ride!) some cool horses under the guidance of the trainer. While I’m benefiting from it personally, it’s also given me the chance to really be there for Liam as he’s dealing with the stress of some really impactful changes in his life (that I won’t talk about in respect to the people involved). That was the biggest driving factor in making my decision. I have two full days off, the chance to travel to shows, and the work hours are a little shorter.

exceptionally grateful for this man

With that big change, I lost my stalls that I had for Eli and Abby. I had the option to have them in self care board, which I tried for a few days but it was hard to fit them into my schedule and I honestly was tired of being at work after I was done work. While we have considerably less horses, we provide top quality care and are on the move from breakfast to dinner. I wasn’t game to clean more stalls and ride after a full work day. My horses had been sitting for weeks because my motivation and energy level just wasn’t there. I also have two TB’s in a barn full of “A’ circuit hunter warmbloods. We don’t fit in and that wasn’t the most fun feeling either…nobody was mean or nasty or anything but encouraging, but there was a pretty blatent difference!

After talking it over with Zach, and comparing the numbers, we decided the best thing for everybody involved (ie myself and my horses) would be to move them to a different farm. I sent feelers out to a few friends, and after comparing my choices, we decided to move them to a super laid back farm about twenty minutes away.

We loaded the crew up on Thursday night and made our arrival. I honestly couldn’t be happier with my decision. My guys have all day turnout, the option to be out 24/7 as soon as their bodies adjust to the awesome grass, and the care has been great. I’ve really been enjoying the laid back atmosphere and Liam has been loving the giant playset! My horses seemed to settle in almost instantly, and the farm owner has been blessedly patient with my hovering. Eli hasn’t ever been out of my care since I’ve owned him, and I’m a control freak. I love knowing that if I have a later night at work, or Liam is having a rough day, I don’t have to give them the short end of the stick.

room with a view

I finally was able to sit on Eli this morning after more weeks than I like to admit, and while we were a hot mess… I’m riding better thanks to all the help I’m getting in my new job, with the clearer head that I’ve gotten from just being able to show up and enjoy my horses. He was incredibly wiggly, distracted, but relatively forward thinking. We had a great back half of our circle but as soon as we headed towards the door it was off to the races and oops I forgot mom was up there. Lots of changes of direction and pole work and we managed some stretching at the walk and trot before I patted him and called it good. Six months ago I would have freaked out, hopped off, and been pissed at myself for a week but today it was no big deal. I sat up and just rode the damn thing. I’m glad I was able to give him a good ride despite his ADHD being in full swing! I forsee lots and lots of pole work in our future, Eli! Focus is HARD.

rocket. donkey.

We get to jump back into lessons with Andrea starting tomorrow afternoon, and I’m excited to see how we can get back on the rails with all of these super positive life changes! Abby is still hanging out, but we know she’s the “easy” one when it comes to going back to work. We’ve been dealing with some on and off lameness on her left front, so we’re hoping that getting shoes back on her will help with that and then its back to work for her too!