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Hey there!

Long time, no blog. I’ve honestly missed it! I love to write, regardless of who’s reading.

The good news, is that it’s been for a good reason… we’ve moved! We loved our life on the farm, but I can say that we’ve settled really well into our new townhouse. I never quite realized the weight of all the memories I had on the farm until I spent my first night at the new place. Despite the chaos of boxes and baskets, there was a certain calm that allowed me to sleep sounder than I have in a long time. The prospect of starting fresh and making my own memories here with my crew has me excited for the future.

We still have an amazing yard for Bug and the dogs, but now we have sidewalks for running on, parks for playing at, and neighbors to socialize with. We’re so much closer to all the things that make life easier, but still off the main road enough to keep things quiet and safe.

Combine our new home, with taking another big step in my equestrian career, and you’ll see what else has been keeping me busy as well!

Last month, as we were in the middle of house hunting, I was planning a trip to NY with my boss. She’d found a lovely OTTB prospect at Finger Lakes and asked if I’d make the drive up with her. I was absolutely game… then while scrolling through the listings to find her new guy I *happened* to stop on a handsome bay gelding with a huge shoulder.

On a whim, I reached out to his trainer to see what the deal with him was and the pieces clicked into place quicker than I expected, and I sent Ashley a text the morning of VHJA Finals asking her if we had one more spot on the trailer because I had *accidentally* ended up with another horse.

We were going to be there anyways…

I added Eli to my string based off of less than a 5 minute conversation with his trainer, and a handful of pictures. He was one of the best choices I’ve made in the industry in a while, and is quickly proving himself a superstar! I don’t want the blog to be overwhelmed by all his updates, so feel free to give his FB page a “like” if you want to keep updated on his progress!

LB has been continuing to rock his life as a barn baby, and while we have moments where I wish I wasn’t waiting on a daycare spot to open up, I’m genuinely happy I get to bring him with me on a daily basis. I can’t think of a better life for him even though the days can get pretty long.

I’d love to do a whole post on how we make it work (snacks…the key is snacks), because this life really is pretty amazing.

I’ve been so proud of Bug’s ability to just go with the flow through all of this upheaval. He’s such an independent, flexible kid who is always game for an adventure; no matter where it might take us. I can’t really ask for anymore than that.

So, with that I’m going to sign off for now with the hopes that now that we have internet, I can get to writing on the regular!