Now that Eli has taken his step out of the spotlight (he is thoroughly enjoying being feral), I thought that it would be a great time to formally introduce you all to Absolutely or “Abby.”

First picture together, October 2019

Last October (2019) my (now) boss, Tyler approached me about two Thoroughbred mares in New York that he’d heard needed a new situation. One was a 5 year old, 16-ish hand bay and the other was a small, unstarted 4 year old chestnut. I immediately called dibs on the chestnut… because why not add to the chaos? Eli had just sliced his knee open, and Tyler thought it would be a fun project. Tyler, Ashley, and I went down to see the mares and after watching the trainer lunge her over a small vertical we were sold. $150 later she was in the trailer and headed to the Eq Center.

I quickly learned she hadn’t been exposed to much and even standing on the cross ties was exciting for her, but with Tyler’s guiding hand we quickly got her used to all the things, got her lunging with tack, and I had the fun of being the first person on her back. While her jockey club name is “Secret Dossier” we decided to call her Absolutely or “Abby” for short.

Eli’s knee healed up, and Abby went to Tyler’s place in Fairfax in hopes that the quieter atmosphere would help her settle a bit more and Tyler could spend a bit more one on one time with her while I juggled work, Liam, and Eli coming back from stall rest. She had a great three months and came home a much more solid citizen. She’s still (to this day) a bit of a firecracker on the ground, but… chestnut. thoroughbred. mare. I sat on her again for the first time in March 2020, and haven’t looked back.

We’re still teaching Zach about camera angles.

We did have a small blip when she developed a really stubborn splint this spring, but I learned how solid her brain really was when I was able to pull her out after three weeks of stall rest, hop on and after a short school in the indoor, hack out in the big open hay field. In the cold rain and wind. Alone. At dusk.

Maybe Andrea has made me a little TOO brave.

She sat on the back burner a bit longer during the move to New Haven, until I made the decision to put Eli (literally) out to pasture. Thus far, she’s stepped up beautifully. Sure, she’s green and wiggly and young but she’s just a delight to me after dealing so long with Eli’s bullshit. She’s sassy and forward, but never once have I felt truly unsafe or over-horsed.

I’m so excited to finally be able to find a little bit of peace and fun in working with her, after the stress of dealing with Eli. I’m hoping to be able to find a bit more motivation and confidence on her back, while truly being able to have fun working with my own horse… and I’m guessing that will translate to a much happier time when we chose to bring Eli back next summer.

Cheers to new, exciting adventures with my not-quite-15h’s of sass, Absolutely. I finally feel like we have the whole world ahead of us!